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Energy Healing

Soul Be It – Your Divine Connection with Lori $275 – 75 minutes

A session with Lori will tap into one’s Chakra system and realign each Chakra to flow into the highest vibration. This ultimately permits the physical and spiritual body to sync together with ease and grace – providing for a lighter feel in one’s daily life. She is guided to heal one’s highest priorities using a plethora of hands-on modalities enhanced with crystals and sound. Come take a journey to release unnecessary layers, layers that no longer serve you and replenish with your Divine light & love, shifting you back to “Your True Divine Self”
Soul be it

About Lori

Since Lori was a little girl her devotion to help people was at the top of her list, reaching out to those who crossed her path and needed assistance. For 35 years, Lori’s career was immersed in the fashion and beauty industry. She began in the modeling world, managing models and photographers. Her journey then led to working at health and beauty spas as an esthetician and spa manager. This path pushed her towards her original love of healing.
Since 2008; Lori has studied with an amazing array of Healing Teachers earning her the following degrees and certificates:

  • Esthetician State License with Atelier Esthetique
  • Reiki Degree Studied with Pamela Miles
  • Certified Hypnotherapist with Trudy Beers
  • Certified Face & Ear Reflexology with Laura Norman
  • Heart-Mind Healer Graduate with Annie Bond
  • Divine Mother Modality Certified with Annie Bond
  • Healing Light with Phyllis Bright
  • Marma with Cory Tixer